Dead Parrot Society

Portrettbilde av alle medlemmene i Dead Parrot Society


Dead Parrot Society are trying to fight everyday boredom with easy puns and slow punk-rock. A musical blend inspired by hardcore punk, blues, garage rock and classic punk rock. March 2019 they released their second EP, Kitchen Tapes Vol. 2.

The band started in summer of 2016 with two guitarists. After 6 months they realised that a band with no drummer ain't no band. So they recruited a drummer. Soon after Pål the drummer joined, they started to record demos in a basement and anywhere else they could hook up a recorder without being chased. The demos became the Kitchen Tapes Vol. 1 + 2. Two years later, they still record their songs in a basement but they (allegedly) got better playing, recording and producing.

Late 2018 Herman the bassplayer joined, and it was much rejoicing.

We will be doing this as long as it is fun.

Dead Parrot Society is:

Dead Parrot Society foran et trehus, Kristoffer peker mot venstre og går ut av bildet mens de andre fniser. De står i denne rekkefølgen: Kristoffer, Håvard, Pål og Herman.
  • Håvard Småvik (vox and guitar)
  • Kristoffer Johansen (guitar)
  • Pål Plahte (drums)
  • Herman Strand Lilleng (bass)